Aerobic Oxygen ® [2 oz / 60mL]


Aerobic Oxygen ® Oral Cleanse.



***Please note that this product is intended to be sold within USA only on this site.  For other international countries, please choose from one of our Aerobic Oxygen International Packs on this site.  For orders to Canada, please visit Thanks for your understanding!***

(This product was previously sold and labelled as Aerobic Oxygen ®).

Due to current regulations, this product must now be labeled as Aerobic Oxygen ® Oral Cleanse.  The product formula is the same original Aerobic Oxygen ® formula that has been sold for over 30 years.

This product is excellent for dental hygiene, keeping teeth clean, removing stains, and fighting bad breath.

Use as directed.  Check with a qualified professional before using if you have open or broken skin at the area of application, or if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Also available in 8oz size